The Mysterious: Hunter S. Thompson’s Death

          In the past on this blog, we have discussed how creatives, especially writers, seem to be susceptible to mental illness and prone to suicide (not sure what I’m talking about? Read The Sylvia Plath Effect here). So, why has there been a surge of people believing that Hunter S. Thompson’s death was orchestrated by outside [...]

The Missing: Jason Jolkowski

           It was a seemingly normal day in June of 2001. A ng man helped his younger brother with the garbage cans before heading off to meet a coworker for a ride. Somewhere along that short, half-mile walk, that young man vanished. What happened to Jason Jolkowski? Let’s explore. Who Is Jason?           Jason Anthony Jolkowski was [...]

The Mysterious: Michigan Stonehenge

          As promised in last month’s historical mystery post, this month we will be discussing Lake Michigan Stonehenge, what it actually is, what it could be, and why it’s there. Now, that sounds like a lot to cover, but there’s surprisingly not many legitimate sources surrounding this structure under the choppy waters of Lake Michigan. Take [...]

The Missing: Felipe Santos and Terrance Williams

          As promised, this month’s missing persons post will actually cover two cases. Two men of color went missing from Naples, Florida (hey again, Florida) in a four month period between October 2003 and January 2004. Their last known whereabouts both involve the same law enforcement officer, which has led to a lot of accusations throughout [...]

The Missing: Kelsey Emily Collins

            This month’s missing persons case is one I cannot believe I have never heard of. It’s another one of those cases that I didn’t know about before doing research for this blog. And again, there’s no reason I shouldn’t have. Kelsey’s case is strange and well documented. Why aren’t there podcasts about her? Where are [...]