Resolved: Wendy Stephens (AKA Doe B10)

          As we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, we’re going to cover another resolved Doe case. This case is a bit different from the Sumter County Does, however. This Doe’s killer has always been known, so that mystery was solved long ago. Getting her name back was the last step in this process. So, [...]

Bundy: Sue Curtis (Confessed)

           We’re nearing the end of our Bundy series and today’s post will cover one of the last cold cases he confessed to while on death row. Let’s explore. Who Was Sue?             Again, the old refrain. There isn’t a lot of information about Susan Curtis online. We have no information about her childhood or her family. [...]

Bundy: Lynette Culver (Confessed)

          Today’s case moves us to not only a new state, but also new territory altogether. Bundy confessed to killing a twelve year old girl in Idaho in 1975, his first (confessed) child victim. If you’re sensitive to violence against children, maybe skip this one. Let’s explore. Who Was Lynette?           Lynette was born on July 31, [...]

Bundy: Denise Oliverson (Confessed)

          Today’s case will cover our second Bundy victim in Colorado - she disappeared less than a month after Julie Cunningham -  though she vanished from Grand Junction, which is nearly 150 miles away from Vail. Denise Oliverson was another kind person that Bundy allegedly snuffed out. Let’s explore. Who Was Denise?           Despite the amount of [...]

Bundy: Julie Cunningham (Confessed)

          For today’s post, we’re back to a case that Bundy confessed to that remains classified as a missing persons case. We’re jumping forward slightly, to March 1975. Another slight difference is that this is the first case we’re covering from Colorado in the Bundy series. So - what happened to Julie Cunningham on the night [...]

Bundy: Debra Kent (Confessed)

          Today’s installment in the Bundy series is the only one that has any concrete resolution - though not full resolution, as you will see. The case of Debra Kent is one of the most recent developments in Bundy’s long, long timeline. Let’s explore. Who Was Debra?           Debra Kent was born on March 12, 1957 to [...]

Bundy: Nancy Wilcox (Confessed)

          In today’s post, we’re jumping to the first unsubstantiated confession to come out of Bundy’s time in Utah. Unlike with Georgann’s or Donna’s cases, however, Bundy’s confession doesn’t seem to quite line up with what we know about the disappearance of Nancy Wilcox. Let’s explore. Who Was Nancy?           Nancy Wilcox was born on July 4, [...]

Bundy: Georgann Hawkins (Confessed)

          Today’s case is one of the more extensively covered of the cases in this series. There is such a vast amount of information out there about Georgann Hawkins, I'm surprised there aren't books about her. Since we can't feasibly cover every detail here, consider this a sort of primer. If this case sparks an interest [...]

Bundy: The Missing and Suspected Victims

          Things are going to look a little different this month at the Morbid Library. We’ve stuck consistently to the schedule, but we’re coming up on our 1 Year Anniversary - and we’re also coming up on a big date in True Crime History. On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed via the electric chair [...]