The Unnamed: Christy Crystal Creek

            This month’s Jane Doe is the only remaining unidentified suspected victim of serial killer Wayne Nance. Nance, who was dubbed the Missoula Mauler, terrorized Montana from 1974 to 1986, and his rampage was only put to an end when his would-be victim shot and killed him during a home invasion. Two of his previously unidentified [...]

The Unnamed: Sumter County Does Part II

          This is one of the most frustrating Doe cases I’ve ever read about. We have so many clues about these people. They boy had very distinctive features. Why can’t anyone find a string to follow here? This second part was very frustrating to research and is ultimately not satisfying. There are no answers here, and [...]

The Unnamed: Sumter County Does Part I

          This week, we will be examining an extremely notable Doe case. Well, Doe cases. There are two victims here, apparently killed together. The internet seems to be obsessed with this case - it seems so solvable. That’s part of the reason why I picked it; there are so many details that should have already led [...]