The Occult: The Bridgewater Triangle Part V

          In all of my research for the previous four posts about the Bridgewater Triangle, one thing has loomed large: rumors of the occult. Now, as seems to be custom for the United States, creepy forests are magnets for urban legends about the occult. I’d (almost) be willing to bet money that anyone reading this has [...]

Creepy Cryptids: The Bridgewater Triangle Part III

          So now that we have looked at haunting and UFO sightings in the Bridgewater Triangle, let’s stay in this spooky vein and take a look at all the wonderful cryptids reported in the area. We won’t be able to cover everything, so consider this a Greatest Hits of the Bridgewater Triangle Cryptids. Giant Cats I [...]

Close Encounter: The Bridgewater Triangle, Part II

          As we discussed in last week’s post, the Bridgewater Triangle is host to a shocking number of unexplainable events. This post (second in a series of five) with look at another phenomena reported in the triangle - alien encounters. Buckle up, because this gets kind of wild.          UFOs and other alien-adjacent [...]

The Haunted: The Bridgewater Triangle, Part I

          Before we get into this week’s post, let’s discuss just how big this topic is. The Bridgewater Triangle is New England’s very own hotbed of mysterious phenomena, cryptid sightings, alien encounters, disappearances, and more. So I’m happy to announce that this is the first part in a series on the [...]