Close Encounter: Loring Air Force Base

          If you have been in tune with any sort of UFO news over the past few years, you’ve likely seen the declassified files from the United States military. In these files are documented encounters with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) - including video and audio. Those encounters were fairly recent, often explained away by skeptics and [...]

Close Encounter: Valensole

          This month’s Alien Post™ comes to us all the way from France - our first trip to the country! Though Valensole has come to conjure thoughts of flying saucers in the heads of those in-the-know about UFOs, this case is surprisingly underreported. What happened in a lavender field outside of Valensole, France in the early [...]

Close Encounter: Audrey and Debbie Hewins

          This month’s alien encounter story was chosen because it shares a theme with our previous post. Audrey and Debbie Hewins are identical twins from Oxford, Maine. Throughout their lives, the Hewins Twins have said they’ve been visited repeatedly by “bald men” - also known as Greys. The twins have taken it upon themselves to destigmatize [...]

Close Encounter: Falcon Lake Incident

          This month we’re back on track with our normal posting schedule. That means we’re back with a supernatural post. Falcon Lake is considered the most famous and most well-documented UFO sighting (and encounter) in Canadian history. So what happened on that May night in 1967 that caused so much investigation and fanfare? Let’s explore. The [...]

Close Encounter: Dechmont Woods Encounter

          This month’s alien post will cover the strange Scottish case known as the Dechmont Woods Encounter. While it may follow the usual path of reported alien encounters, it does diverge when it comes to how seriously it was taken. Let’s explore. The Encounter           On November 9, 1979 a 60 year old forestry worker named Robert [...]

Close Encounter: Aurora Burial

          In the weirdosphere we often discuss alien sightings and crashes. What doesn’t necessarily come up is the aftermath. At least, we do not normally have the details for what happens after. Maybe that’s because the alien wreckage gets scooped up by the military or other government agencies right away. Maybe the survivors snatch up their [...]

The Haunted: Clinton Road

         This month’s post about a haunting is kind of all over the place. So much so that it sounds like one of those Stefan skits from Saturday Night Live. You know, “this haunted road has everything…creepy cults, a werewolf thing, the KKK, ghostly government workers, pagans, ghost trucks, and even aliens!” But really. It has [...]

Close Encounter: The Bridgewater Triangle, Part II

          As we discussed in last week’s post, the Bridgewater Triangle is host to a shocking number of unexplainable events. This post (second in a series of five) with look at another phenomena reported in the triangle - alien encounters. Buckle up, because this gets kind of wild.          UFOs and other alien-adjacent [...]