The Haunted: Snedeker Family Haunting

          I’m going a little rogue this month and deviating from the established schedule - we’re going to take a look at another haunting and another urban legend for maximum spookiness. The haunting we will be looking at is one that comes with tragic circumstances - a chronic and devastating illness, the uprooting of a family, [...]

The Haunted: New York House of Death

          For this month’s haunting, we will be travelling to the New York City Neighborhood of Greenwich Village. According to legend, 22 spirits take residence in Greek Revival brownstone. What is it about this specific residence that seems to attract misfortune and death? Let’s explore. The History           New York’s “House of Death” was built in 1856. [...]

The Haunted: Sunnyvale Toys R Us

          This month’s haunting brings us back to the golden state to explore our first (and quite possibly only) retail-space-based haunting. Toys R Us may not have physical locations anymore, this building will forever be known as the Sunnyvale Toys R Us. Why? Well, because the ghosts liked the toys, apparently. Let’s explore. The Origin           There [...]

The Haunted: Big Bay Point Light House

          On the shores of the famously haunted Lake Superior sits a lighthouse, built of brick and concrete. Though the light was automated decades ago, hundreds still pass through its doors to stay the night. This month’s haunting is the Big Bay Point Lighthouse, which is the only operational lighthouse with a bed and breakfast. It’s [...]

The Haunted: Skirvin Hotel

         This month’s haunting post is our very first haunted hotel! The Skirvin Hotel has built up a reputation for being the most haunted hotel in Oklahoma City, OK. It also has quite the reputation for scaring off professional basketball players. Excited? Let’s explore. History           Before we get into the spooky stuff, let’s go over the [...]

The Haunted: Mackinac Island

          As we get deeper into October, I’ve decided to explore some pet cases of mine. That means we’re staying in Michigan for this week’s post. In this post, we’ll explore Mackinac Island (pronounced mack-ih-naw, y’all) and its many hauntings. Brief History           I recognize that many of my readers will not be familiar with Mackinac Island, [...]

The Haunted: Old House Woods

          It’s almost spooky season so let’s get into the season with a strangely varied case - what screams autumn more than a haunted forest? Virginia has such a long and storied history, it’s no wonder that it’s home to what just might be the most haunted forest in the United States. Buckle up folks, we’re [...]

The Haunted: Clinton Road

         This month’s post about a haunting is kind of all over the place. So much so that it sounds like one of those Stefan skits from Saturday Night Live. You know, “this haunted road has everything…creepy cults, a werewolf thing, the KKK, ghostly government workers, pagans, ghost trucks, and even aliens!” But really. It has [...]