Resolved: Wendy Stephens (AKA Doe B10)

          As we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, we’re going to cover another resolved Doe case. This case is a bit different from the Sumter County Does, however. This Doe’s killer has always been known, so that mystery was solved long ago. Getting her name back was the last step in this process. So, [...]

Bundy: Georgann Hawkins (Confessed)

          Today’s case is one of the more extensively covered of the cases in this series. There is such a vast amount of information out there about Georgann Hawkins, I'm surprised there aren't books about her. Since we can't feasibly cover every detail here, consider this a sort of primer. If this case sparks an interest [...]

Bundy: Joyce LePage (Suspected)

          As we move along in this series, we get into murkier waters. We're also jumping forward five years from the last post. There isn’t a lot of information available about Joyce LePage out there. If it were not for her brother’s determination to find out what truly happened to his sister and apprehend her killer, [...]

Bundy: Lonnie Trumbull (Suspected)

          For our next post, we jump forward nearly five years from Ann Marie Burr’s disappearance. This case is also quite different from Ann Marie’s in many ways. First, two young women were attacked at the same time. Second, the attack occurred in their home and they were not taken from the premises. And third, there [...]

Bundy: Ann Marie Burr (Suspected)

          Our first post in this Bundy series is going to focus on what many consider Bundy’s likely first victim - Ann Marie Burr. The Burr case is also probably the most heavily covered and investigated of the fourteen we’re going to cover for this series. Each case could be its own deep-dive book, so we’re [...]

The Missing: Kelsey Emily Collins

            This month’s missing persons case is one I cannot believe I have never heard of. It’s another one of those cases that I didn’t know about before doing research for this blog. And again, there’s no reason I shouldn’t have. Kelsey’s case is strange and well documented. Why aren’t there podcasts about her? Where are [...]