The Unnamed: Arroyo Grande Jane Doe

          This month’s Doe case is another well-known one that I’ve followed for years. A young woman was found mere hours after her murder. All of her features are intact. She had extensive dental work done. So why hasn’t anyone found her name? Who is the Arroyo Grande Jane Doe? Let’s explore. The Discovery           Around 9:20 [...]

Resolved: Wendy Stephens (AKA Doe B10)

          As we get back to our regularly scheduled programming, we’re going to cover another resolved Doe case. This case is a bit different from the Sumter County Does, however. This Doe’s killer has always been known, so that mystery was solved long ago. Getting her name back was the last step in this process. So, [...]

The Unnamed: Christy Crystal Creek

            This month’s Jane Doe is the only remaining unidentified suspected victim of serial killer Wayne Nance. Nance, who was dubbed the Missoula Mauler, terrorized Montana from 1974 to 1986, and his rampage was only put to an end when his would-be victim shot and killed him during a home invasion. Two of his previously unidentified [...]