Bundy: Joyce LePage (Suspected)

          As we move along in this series, we get into murkier waters. We're also jumping forward five years from the last post. There isn’t a lot of information available about Joyce LePage out there. If it were not for her brother’s determination to find out what truly happened to his sister and apprehend her killer, [...]

Bundy: Lonnie Trumbull (Suspected)

          For our next post, we jump forward nearly five years from Ann Marie Burr’s disappearance. This case is also quite different from Ann Marie’s in many ways. First, two young women were attacked at the same time. Second, the attack occurred in their home and they were not taken from the premises. And third, there [...]

Bundy: The Missing and Suspected Victims

          Things are going to look a little different this month at the Morbid Library. We’ve stuck consistently to the schedule, but we’re coming up on our 1 Year Anniversary - and we’re also coming up on a big date in True Crime History. On January 24, 1989, Ted Bundy was executed via the electric chair [...]