Bundy: Nancy Baird (Suspected)

           We’ve finally come to the end of our Bundy series here at the Morbid Library. Today’s post, the final post, is one of the last widely publicized cases in which Bundy is suspected. Join me in examining the disappearance of Nancy Baird, and remembering the victims instead of the monster on today’s anniversary. Let’s explore. [...]

Bundy: Sue Curtis (Confessed)

           We’re nearing the end of our Bundy series and today’s post will cover one of the last cold cases he confessed to while on death row. Let’s explore. Who Was Sue?             Again, the old refrain. There isn’t a lot of information about Susan Curtis online. We have no information about her childhood or her family. [...]

Bundy: Debra Kent (Confessed)

          Today’s installment in the Bundy series is the only one that has any concrete resolution - though not full resolution, as you will see. The case of Debra Kent is one of the most recent developments in Bundy’s long, long timeline. Let’s explore. Who Was Debra?           Debra Kent was born on March 12, 1957 to [...]

Bundy: Nancy Wilcox (Confessed)

          In today’s post, we’re jumping to the first unsubstantiated confession to come out of Bundy’s time in Utah. Unlike with Georgann’s or Donna’s cases, however, Bundy’s confession doesn’t seem to quite line up with what we know about the disappearance of Nancy Wilcox. Let’s explore. Who Was Nancy?           Nancy Wilcox was born on July 4, [...]