The Haunted: Snedeker Family Haunting

          I’m going a little rogue this month and deviating from the established schedule - we’re going to take a look at another haunting and another urban legend for maximum spookiness. The haunting we will be looking at is one that comes with tragic circumstances - a chronic and devastating illness, the uprooting of a family, [...]

The Mysterious: Black Eyed Kids

          It’s spooky month, readers! That means it’s time for me to cover topics that are near and dear to my heart. So this month’s mystery is one of the big ones I’ve wanted to cover. Are the Black Eyed Kids aliens? Time travelers? Vampires? Ghosts? Nobody knows! Here’s what we do know - they’re creepy [...]

The Unnamed: Hot Spring County John Doe

          This month’s Doe case is a fairly unknown one - there is very little information on this case available online. But all stories are important and deserve coverage, so this Doe case is the first in a concerted effort to cover more unknown and less publicized Doe cases. So, who is the unknown hitchhiker who [...]

The Mysterious: Black Knight Satellite

          Strap in, readers. This month’s mystery brings us back into Earth’s orbit to examine an object there. According to some, this object is an extraterrestrial satellite used to monitor mankind. According to others, it’s classified NASA technology preparing for some sort of intergalactic war. What is the so-called Black Knight Satellite, and how did it [...]