The Haunted: Mackinac Island

          As we get deeper into October, I’ve decided to explore some pet cases of mine. That means we’re staying in Michigan for this week’s post. In this post, we’ll explore Mackinac Island (pronounced mack-ih-naw, y’all) and its many hauntings. Brief History           I recognize that many of my readers will not be familiar with Mackinac Island, [...]

The Extraterrestrial: Aurora Burial

          In the weirdosphere we often discuss alien sightings and crashes. What doesn’t necessarily come up is the aftermath. At least, we do not normally have the details for what happens after. Maybe that’s because the alien wreckage gets scooped up by the military or other government agencies right away. Maybe the survivors snatch up their [...]

The Haunted: Old House Woods

          It’s almost spooky season so let’s get into the season with a strangely varied case - what screams autumn more than a haunted forest? Virginia has such a long and storied history, it’s no wonder that it’s home to what just might be the most haunted forest in the United States. Buckle up folks, we’re [...]

Legend Has It: Bunnyman Bridge

            This month’s urban legend is a classic that I have wanted to cover for a very long time. It’s got all of the individual elements of a lasting creepy legend: horrifying setting, unknown and dangerous entity, a genesis seemingly rooted in reality, and some subtle moral leanings (don’t stay out late, don’t disturb nature, etc). [...]

The Haunted: Clinton Road

         This month’s post about a haunting is kind of all over the place. So much so that it sounds like one of those Stefan skits from Saturday Night Live. You know, “this haunted road has everything…creepy cults, a werewolf thing, the KKK, ghostly government workers, pagans, ghost trucks, and even aliens!” But really. It has [...]

Legend Has It: The Curse of Lake Lanier?

The Lake           Lake Lanier is a manmade lake in Georgia. It was created as a result of the Buford Dam, which sits on the Chattahoochee River. Lake Lanier is also fed by the Chestatee River. As the story goes, the lake expanded beyond expectations and the spread of the water could not be controlled. This [...]