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Why Did You Start The Morbid Library?

I spend a lot of my time consuming or creating content based on true crime and the supernatural. Whether that be listening to podcasts, reading books, watching documentaries or youtube videos, or writing stories. I’m a writer at heart and a librarian by trade – that means I love documenting, researching, creating, and helping. All that kind of led me to gathering information and doing writeups on my own blog.

Have You Ever Had An Unexplainable Experience?

Oh, plenty. To the point where my friends have told me that every house I’ve lived in has been haunted. The feeling of fur brushing against legs, footprints in carpet with no one around the make them, cupboards slamming, lights turning themselves on and off, scratches with no source, EVPS, a doppelganger…you name it, I’ve experienced it. That’s part of the reason why I’m so fascinated by the subject.

Do You Believe In Aliens?

Yes, but I’m not exactly sure in what way. I feel that there has to be something else out there. We can’t be the only intelligent beings in all of the universes. There has to be other intelligent life, going about their own business. Now, do I think they’re humanoid or Little Green Men or Greys? Not necessarily. I don’t think it’s impossible that extraterrestrials would look like us, but it seems really improbable. (Though maybe they were projected their forms in order to resember something that humans could more easily understand.

What About Ghosts?

Yes, absolutely, 100%. I don’t believe that every creak and groan is a ghost. I definitely don’t believe that those ghost shows encounter spirits at every single location they travel to (though I do shameless love Ghost Adventures and have no problem admitting that). But I do, in general, believe that there are certain circumstances that can tie someone to the earth after their body dies. Whether those circumstances are unfinished business, a violent and unexpected end, or maybe something out-there like a twin still being alive – after all, twins share a soul, right? If ones dies, does that mean half of their soul is on the other side? I know that sounds oddly specific, but there is a reason for that, I promise. We’ll get into that for the blog’s anniversary.

Have You Ever Been Ghost Hunting?

I have not. Not seriously, anyway. Mostly because my friends have either been too chicken or decidedly disinterested in the idea of it. The one time I came close was running around a cemetery at midnight with a bunch of people I barely knew, with no equipment, with almost all of the other people trying to scare each other. So I’d say that really doesn’t count.

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