The Extraterrestrial: Palos Verdes Brains

          Okay, everyone. We’re finally back (a bit late, sorry!) with an alien post – and you had better buckle up, because this is a weird one. There aren’t many (if any) credible sources for this one, but it’s just so bizarre that I had to cover it. So. What were the blue, brain-shaped entities sighted in Palos Verdes in 1971? Let’s explore.

The Encounter

          In the early morning hours of August 17, 1971 two men were leaving a casual get-together at a friend’s house in Palos Verdes, California. The pair – Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges – got into John’s vehicle. When the car’s headlights turned on, they were met with a strange sight – several large brain-looking masses in the middle of the road, about 6 feet before the car. Obviously, the men were rightly confused and afraid. Rather than investigate, they drove away. (I certainly don’t blame them for that.) However, by the time they made it to Peter’s house, two and a half hours had passed, during a drive that should have taken ten minutes, fifteen tops. John dropped Peter off at home, and his memory of the night ended there.
          And then, five years passed. The pair apparently never spoke of seeing the strange, brain-like organs or the missing time that seemingly slipped away on their drive home that night in 1971. But something was bothering John, and he sought out a professional to put him under hypnotic regression to recover his memories from the Brain Night. I won’t make any judgment calls here about hypnosis or regression, but I will say that this method of treatment is often rife with false memories and planted cues, but we can’t know if that was the case here.
          While under hypnosis, John apparently recalled that when the pair initially encountered the Brains (as we will call them from here on out), they spoke to him telepathically, telling him: “Take the time to understand yourselves, the times draws near when you shall need to. You shall not remember this incident until we meet again.” As he retraced the night in his mind, he recalled dropping Peter off at home, and then having no memory until he woke up in a clinical-looking room, lined with computers which he called a “control room.” The brain creatures were there, along with more humanoid beings, that were tall with gray skin and six fingers on each hand. These beings all came together to show John simulations or images of nuclear explosions, and explained that certain areas on Earth had too much power.
          Then, the creatures burdened John with the message that humans are on a path to destruction and extinction. If humankind continues to abuse their power, the world will end and the human race will go extinct. The language used in the speech according to most sources sounds a bit like a lecture, as if John were a misbehaving child caught doing wrong. And then, John felt a trembling or buzzing sensation in his body, and he was back in his car. Hodges then went on to claim the entities were still in telepathic contact with him, making catastrophic predictions of atomic war spreading across the globe by the mid 1980s. Obviously, these predictions did not turn out to be true.

The Beings

          There were two different iterations of these “brains” seen in Palos Verdes. The first were described as being slightly bigger than a softball (so…brain-sized?) and blue in color. This version also seemed to be giving off a luminescent sort of fog. The second version is by far the scarier of the two, as it was said to be much larger – about the size of an adult torso – and had a single eye at its center. Peter Rodriguez and John Hodges each created likenesses of each of these creatures under hypnosis, but if those images have made their way online, I was not able to find them.

I told you this was a weird one.


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  1. It’s raining brains!

    wow…..that WAS wild!

    I sent this story to my son (who lives in Palos Verdes)……..he enjoyed it as well.

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