Close Encounter: Audrey and Debbie Hewins

          This month’s alien encounter story was chosen because it shares a theme with our previous post. Audrey and Debbie Hewins are identical twins from Oxford, Maine. Throughout their lives, the Hewins Twins have said they’ve been visited repeatedly by “bald men” – also known as Greys. The twins have taken it upon themselves to destigmatize the experience of abduction and provide “abduction therapy” to individuals who have experienced alien-related trauma. This is a strange one. Let’s explore.

The Encounter(s)

          Audrey and Debbie Hewins remember being around four or  five years old the first time they were visited. She described that the room was flooded with an incredibly bright blue light that would fill her room before her door would open. Then, the rest of the house would fill with a foggy sort of light, again blue. There would also be a buzzing or droning sound, which resembled bees, and incoherent voices. There were all signs that they were not alone. Eventually, two “bald men” would enter her room. Both Audrey and Debbie have described the bald men as being humanoid in shape. They always had grey skin with bulbous heads and large black eyes. This is a typical description of what has become known as the Greys.
          The twins were visited throughout their childhood, and were even abducted on occasion. Both twins would be taken. It was when they were taken up above their house that they realized these entities were not just men – and they were not from Earth. Another abduction led to Audrey being alone in a room on a ship. When she became aware of her surroundings, they fell away. Meaning the floor, walls, and ceiling vanished and left Audrey standing alone in space, looking down at Earth.
          At around age twelve, Audrey says that the Greys began experimenting on the twins, though I have been unable to find details regarding what this entails, exactly. (Which might be for the best, to be honest!) The twins both noticed that whenever they were returned home from these abductions, their memories would be fuzzy and missing pieces, implying that the extraterrestrials they encountered were somehow able to target specific memories (as they both have some memories of the abduction) and manipulate or excise them completely. Terrified of this turn of events, Audrey and Debbie would beg their parents to not go to bed, not sleep in that room because of the bald men. And, of course, their parents wrote it off as overactive imaginations – not that I blame them, of course. The point is that Audrey and Debbie faced skepticism from the start, and it led to them holding their tongues.
          Audrey was finally spurred into sharing her story when she was saved from drowning by what she describes as a “non-human entity.” She decided then to no longer keep her experiences a secret. She began by contacting the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and connecting with other people who have had encounters. From there, Audrey Hewins began the groundwork for what would become her passion in life.

(Audrey and Debbie Hewins in 2013.
via the Sun Journal)

The Legacy

          The Hewins twins have never wavered with recounting their encounters. They have faced so many critics and disbelievers, as most people who experience close encounters do. Instead of being beaten down by the continual criticism, however, Audrey decided to step up and create a support system for others who have been in contact with extraterrestrial life. She created an organization called Starborn Support, which travels across the country to attend conferences. Audrey also is the CEO of the Experiences Speak Abduction Conference. Despite what you believe about her story, it is evident that she has made an impact on the UFO Abductee landscape, and I would argue that she is an incredible person. To take your own trauma and create something so empathetic speaks to the kind of person she is. And that’s impressive.


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  1. The Hewins sisters were twins and hence ideal selectees for an experimental with a control group, similar to the choice of Marc Kelley and his brother as a perfect comparison for the analysis
    of the effects of a year in space on someone. I suspect that their genetic composition was otherwise exceptionally good for them to have been chosen.

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