Moving Forward…

It’s unbelievable that we’ve been examining topics here at the Morbid Library for nearly half a year. (How?? I don’t know. Time doesn’t seem real anymore.) I have done some reflecting and want to have more structure moving forward. I’ve kind of been picking cases and posting at random – sure, I’ve managed to post once per week for the most part, but days and times have been all over the map. This post is to call myself out and hold myself accountable to the new posting schedule I’ll be trying out in the second half of this year.

  1. The 5th – Archaeological/Historical/Cultural Mystery
  2. The 10th – Supernatural (Haunting/Alien/Cryptids/Urban Legend)
  3. The 15th – Unsolved Murder
  4. The 20th – Missing Person
  5. The 25th – Supernatural (Haunting/Alien/Cryptids/Urban Legend)
  6. The 30th – John and Jane Doe

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