Creepy Cryptids: The Bridgewater Triangle Part III

          So now that we have looked at haunting and UFO sightings in the Bridgewater Triangle, let’s stay in this spooky vein and take a look at all the wonderful cryptids reported in the area. We won’t be able to cover everything, so consider this a Greatest Hits of the Bridgewater Triangle Cryptids.

Giant Cats

I was hesitant to include this one in this category. Some people believe big cat sightings outside of their natural habitat are extra terrestrial sightings (alien cats) or the result of a haunting (phantom cats). I’m not sure what to believe here, but I do firmly believe that it is some type of zoological phenomenon, crypto or otherwise. That’s why we’re discussing the panthers and whatnot in the cryptid post. Anyway, onward.
          It’s very difficult to find detailed accounts of these big cats, so let’s cover the broad strokes. There have been a handful of accounts stating that a large cat – typically described as panthers or mountain lions with burning red eyes. These creatures then are said to make eye contact with the observer and/or stalk them. They then disappear – accounts state that this can happen when they are being watched or when the witness briefly looks away.


          Thunderbirds are creatures of immense importance in native american folklore. Different tribes have different words for the creature, but it is a consistent presence throughout their folklore and mythology. The TL;DR of their mythos is that these birds were protectors of humans, acting to protect them from evil spirits. Thunderbirds are supposedly able to bring rain and storms, though this power could provide or wreak havoc for humans. The name Thunderbird stems from this ability to bring storms, and the idea that the flapping of their massive wings is what causes the sound of thunder.
        The most notable sighting of a Thunderbird in the triangle came in 1980, when a Police Sergeant spotted a tall winged figure while driving. Other sightings have stated these winged creatures look like typical renderings of the prehistoric pterodactyl – a flying creature with a large wingspan. Sometimes, they are reported to have talons. Sometimes, they are described as looking like dragons. There’s not a whole lot of uniformity between sightings of Thunderbirds.

Dover Demon

          The Dover Demon is a…strange creature seen in the Bridgewater Triangle. It is reported to be a pale, humanoid creature. It is reported to have a bulbous nose and no mouth. Its limbs and fingers are freakishly long. It was seen walking both bipedally and on all fours. Its eyes are said to glow, though the color of them changes between orange and green, based on the sighting. To me, it looks like the typical description of a Gray Alien, though it apparently is not seen in conjunction with any UFOs or UAPs.
          The most notable sightings of the Dover Demon took place over two days in April of 1977. Several people claimed to see the creature and reported it to police. They were all questioned separately and were asked to draw what they saw. All of these drawings were reportedly very similar. The police, however, did not believe the witnesses and dismissed all sightings as a prank.

(A witness sketch of the Dover Demon.
via Wikipedia)


          Pukwudgies are gnome or dwarf-like creatures found in the Bridgewater Triangle. They are said to stand around three or four feet tall, and enjoy harassing humans. They apparently love to stir up mischief and play tricks, though they are known to be dangerous to humans as well. Pukwudies are apparently able to appear and disappear at will, and have been known to lure humans to their death in the woods of the Bridgewater Triangle. Specifically, they are said to push people over cliffs, kidnap people, stab people with tiny little knives, and throw sand in people’s eyes. Sounds lovely, right?
          There is one story that stands out from the rest of reported pukwudgie sightings. The encounter took place in 1990 near Raynham. Bill Russo took his dog on a walk around midnight. At first, there was nothing out of the ordinary. No other people, no animals…by all accounts, a quiet night. Until it wasn’t. According to Bill, he heard a high voice call out to him. The noise formed loose words – “ee wan chu. Ee wan chu. Keer, keer.” A short creature then stepped into the light. It was covered in brown fur and had a potbelly. As it repeated its message, it beckoned to Bill with one hand. 

(A Pukwudgie Crossing Sign.
via New Bedford Guide)


          Okay, we’re not going to get deep into details here, but I would be remiss if I did not mention Ol’ Bigfoot. The sightings are pretty typical of Bigfoot lore – the smell and the loud noises and the glimpses through the trees. It only stands to reason that one of the most prolific of cryptids has shown up a few times. I’m planning to do a few posts in the future about Bigfoot/Sasquatch, so we’ll stop here for now.


2 thoughts on “Creepy Cryptids: The Bridgewater Triangle Part III”

  1. Pertaining to Giant Cats – and then my thoughts fall upon. “They then disappear” – Pets animal ghosts, our neighbors Boxer was killed by a vehicle upon the highway. Two days after I looked up and watched in amassment – As if the Dog in its entirety was all there and present. Stepped across the road as if it was in fact there in its entirety. But it had no head, nor right shoulder or right front leg. And if that wasn’t strange enough it stopped mid way, and from the top of its upper spine, it’s back on a horizontal plane it resolved and its particles on that upper plane raining down it disappear in a fluid raining motion. This is all I can offer on the thought of “They then disappeared.” Through my own observation of two day dead neighbors pet.
    Pertaining to Pukwudgie home invasions. I read of a horrifying Pukwudgie case. Where one entered a young man’s apartment in Washington State. It entered through and byway of the back patio sliding door having been left open for his pet cat to go out and use the electric cat sweeper potty box. He heard his cat going hysterical and finally stops his video game to check things out. He saw the vertical strip blinds fly upwards and then settle out of alignment. Within them, behind them he saw tiny gnarly feet and hands. He went to investigate it closer when it shot outside and scrambled up over the tall vertical board of the patio fence, looking he saw those same gnarly bony knuckles tiny hands as the little beast was hanging open the other side of the top of the fence before it dropped to the ground and was heard rushing off through the ground foliage. Upon further investigation he discovered it had made its way in and had raided his refrigerator. From what I have read Pukwudgie are known to gnaw rubber wire insulation and thus start electrical house fires. Upon watching the animal planet TV show ‘Billy the Exterminator’ His family ran Extermination Company ‘reality show’ is based in the State Louisiana, with rats and mice being the most logical culprit I see that the most destructive natural creature to invade a home, is the Raccoon, Raccoons are found in every state (Maybe not Hawaii) but they destroy homes, eating wire shielding, and excreting piles of diseased droppings. And they posses tiny little five digit hangs that can open a refrigerator and scare the hell out of a pet house cat. But if Pukwudgie are the real deal, I don’t think an exterminator can help.

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