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Close Encounter: The Bridgewater Triangle, Part II

          As we discussed in last week’s post, the Bridgewater Triangle is host to a shocking number of unexplainable events. This post (second in a series of five) with look at another phenomena reported in the triangle – alien encounters. Buckle up, because this gets kind of wild.
          UFOs and other alien-adjacent happenings are historical in the Bridgewater Triangle. Literally. The first documented sighting of a UFO in the Bridgewater Triangle took place in 1706 and continue on until this day. The reports seem to include seeing actual ships or crafts more often than not, although some sightings of unexplained lights have also been reported. Let’s look at the sightings chronologically.
          The sighting of a UFO in the Bridgewater Triangle is often cited as the first documented UFO sighting in the world. Like, ever. Personally, I find that hard to believe. Maybe the first in what would become the United States, but even that seems far-fetched to me. There isn’t a whole lot of detail to this sighting – a ball of fire was seen floating in the sky over the triangle, emitting a light so bright it cast shadows.
          The next heavily documented sighting was in 1908, on Halloween. There isn’t much information about what this sighting consisted of, but I’ve pieced a somewhat cohesive account from several stories. Two men were traveling by carriage late at night when they encountered another glowing ball of light. Unlike the previous sighting, though, these men claim to have seen something within the light – something that looked similar to a hot air balloon. They observed it for over a half an hour, and other people witnessed it as well. This sighting was reported by local newspapers.

(A photo of a local newspaper report of this sighting.
Turn to Ten News)

          The 1960s and 1970s also produced a handful of further UFO sightings. The most notable sighting from this era took place in 1972. On July 3rd, over 25 people (number varies by source) saw some sort of craft in the sky. It was reportedly triangular and possibly translucent. It was observed for more than a half an hour, and the navy was contacted by several citizens concerned by the craft. There has been no explanation of what the craft may have been. Another sighting from this era took place in 1976. Witnesses driving on Route 44 (watch out for that hitchhiker!!) saw two unidentified aircrafts landing near the highway.
          One of the more credible sightings came sometime in the 1990s – the year changes from source to source, though the two most common years cited are 1994 and 1997. This sighting was reported by a law enforcement officer patrolling during his night shift. He claimed to have seen a very large craft with red and white lights on it. Obviously, it is natural to place more stock in reports from people who are trained to be observant (such as police officers, firemen, etc), but it is important to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism when reading fantastical accounts. Another sighting in the 1990s came in 1998, again on Route 44. The witnesses claimed to have seen a triangular aircraft with red, green, and white lights on it. They claimed the craft split in two and flew in strange patterns, with the lights changing color as they did. It then merged and flew off into the night.
          UFO sightings within the Bridgewater Triangle continue to this day, though sightings of actual crafts seem to have dwindled. My research has shown that there continue to be surges in reports of unexplained balls of light, especially in Raynham and Abington, Massachusetts.

(A light seen in Abington, Mass. Posted in November 2013.
via Kristen Evans on Youtube)

          This is in no way a comprehensive list of sightings from the area. There are more. So many more than I could dream of fitting into this post. If you want to read more about UFO sightings in the Bridgewater Triangle and other New England locales, I highly recommend checking out – this site is the reason this post is not dismally short. Christopher Pittman has spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into researching UFOs in and around the triangle. Specific links for what I read from his site can be found below.


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